People Are Saying Good Things About Us

Here’s what our customers are saying about Jetter Clean! When my customers let me know how helpful I’ve been, Jetter Clean is on the right track. FREE estimates are available. Call us today!

My name is Jeff H. and I have been the service manager for a multi-family property Rochester Minnesota for 3 years. During my tenure, I have had the pleasure of working with Jetter Clean Services for a multitude of jobs. From Jetting plugged sinks, toilets to Main sewer lines they have been at our disposal for fast, reliable, cost-effective, and courteous service. 
We have had to utilize their services at a moment’s notice during regular business hours, late evenings and weekends and it has always been the professional service we have come to expect. Jetter Clean is one of our most reliable team members to ensure a quality product and environment for our residents. 
– Jeff H. – Rochester
I have had Lee Cummins from Jetter Clean at my house on two separate occasions. I was extremely happy with his service both times. I like the fact that they only use water in their high-pressure jet system. The first time that I called Jetter Clean was a couple of years ago. My grandson used an extreme amount of toilet paper causing my toilet to be plugged. I called Lee and he came right over. He had to take apart pipes in my basement and clean out the line. I am sure it was not a pretty sight but Lee did not complain. He was very understanding and he gave me some prevention tips. 
I called Jetter Clean again last month because my bathtub was draining very slowly. Lee came right over and within no time had my tub draining perfectly. Lee was very professional and courteous. I will definitely call Jetter Clean again if I ever have any drain issues. I would also recommend them to my friends and family. Thank you for the great service!
– Sheila C.
As a landlord in Rochester who owns and manages many properties. When a drain problem arises, there is only one call that I make. That’s to Jetter Clean! With their advanced equipment, they can handle any of my problems. They have fast, friendly and affordable service. No more callbacks like I experience with other companies. I am very happy with my decision to use Jetter Clean. I will not only continue to use them at my properties. I am telling others to use them too.
– Kevin T. – Rochester