Convenient Video Inspection Services

Don't Get Inconvenienced by Repairs

When your plumbing is in need of repairs, it’s not always an easy task. The root of the problem is usually too far for you to access. This is when a video inspection is useful. Call Jetter Clean today!

Video Inspection Services Include:

  • More effective than cable or snake machines
  • Pipe cleaning
  • Drain cleaning
  • Repairs

Non-Invasive Troubleshooting

Video inspection is a convenient tool that is effective in cleaning out septic pipes. Jetter Clean uses a specially built chainsaw nozzle.
The video camera allows us to trace or locate pipes. Once the camera goes underground, it sends a transmitter signal that can be located with a locating device.
The nozzle cuts and removes the roots from your drain to clear out the walls of the wipe. Water jets are used to spin the chains on the nozzle, similar to a weed wacker cutting the roots. This entire process allows for troubleshooting your system easily and quickly.
FREE estimates are available. Call us today to get the water flowing!
Feel confident knowing that your drains are being maintained by an expert!
If you’re a consumer making a property purchase, please give Jetter Clean a call. A video inspection gives you peace of mind and the knowledge of what you really are purchasing. Be an educated consumer and eliminate any future concerns with a Video Inspection at time of purchase.